Your new look begins here...

How to use makeup to LOOK AND FEEL GOOD about yourself (because you have the confidence and know-how to get there).

And it’s actually not that complicated. All it takes is just 2 hours a week for 6 weeks.

An EASY HOW-TO GUIDE to doing your makeup - perfectly. Gives you a makeup artists blueprint to be able to create any makeup look you want, whenever you want.

Without wasting time and effort on expensive products, consultants or training.

6 SIMPLE SECRETS that all the pros use to do perfect makeup including easy ways to FIX things you don’t like.

Quick and clear-cut solutions. No more conflicting & confusing tutorials on how to do things.

PERSONAL ADVICE to guide you every step of the way for when you need help.

Because we all need our own private and personal beauty advisor for when we get stuck.

What You’ll Learn in Just 6 weeks

(it only takes about 2 hours per week)

Do you want to learn more about how to do your makeup but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you want to improve your skills but lessons are too costly?

Makeup Made Easy guides you through how to do your face, eye and lip makeup perfectly – just like a makeup artist - so you can always look and feel good about yourself.

You’ll have lifetime access to 32 quick & easy step-by-step online video tutorials (PLUS 3 bonuses) which will show you all the basic and more advanced makeup artist techniques you need to know to always look like you’ve just been made up by a pro.

Plus, you’ll get masses of extra tips and personal support to help you every step of the way.

Make up made eady module 1
Module 1: Keeping it Simple – The Basics (4 video tutorials)
  • The one secret that makes a HUGE difference to how your makeup looks – a must-have for all makeup pros
  • Find out why you don’t need tons of products to get a LOT of different looks
  • Feel confident choosing the RIGHT products you actually need. No more buying products you don't need or don't work for you!
  • ESSENTIAL TIPS to make your kit last much longer
Make up made eady module 2
Module 2. Face Make Up – Preparing A Flawless Face (8 video tutorials)
  • TWO secrets that guarantee mistake proof foundation specially for YOUR face and skin.
  • No more wasting money on products and shades that are not right for you.
  • Apply foundation like a pro so you can EVEN OUT YOUR SKIN (but avoid ‘cake face’)
  • ONE of three tips you can use to avoid makeup meltdowns.
  • Quick and easy FIXES for all your problems that all the pros use
    • Cover up dark circles so you immediately look awake (even if you haven’t slept)
    • The neat trick you can use to conceal all those unwanted blemishes and marks
Make up made eady module 2
Module 3. Face Make Up – Makeup That Suits Your Face (5 video tutorials)
  • All the pro secrets on how to use makeup to enhance and make the most of YOUR BEST FEATURES - and play down the not-so-good ones!
    • Hello contouring and highlighting!
  • Two more tips on how to get your makeup to LAST ALL DAY (or night) long! No more midday makeup meltdowns or constant touch ups
  • Add a WARM HEALTHY GLOW to your face to brighten up your look
Make up made eady module 4
Module 4. Eye Make Up – Getting Your Eyes Right! (7 video tutorials)
  • The trick to getting PERFECT BROWS every time so that they beautifully frame your face
  • Secrets to using eyeshadow and liner to play up YOUR BEST EYE FEATURES to really make them pop
    • What you need to contour and highlight your eyes (just like your face)
  • Pull your face together with a QUICK & EASY daytime eye makeup look (‘cos none of us have any time in the mornings!)
  • Why you only need 4 eyeshadow colours to do LOTS OF DIFFERENT LOOKS
  • Use mascara to FIX LASHES that are not playing nice (like being too curly or too short)
Make up made eady module 5
Module 5. The Perfect Pout (2 video tutorials)
  • The secret to choosing the perfect red lipstick for YOU (even if you’ve always avoided red lips)
  • The MUST HAVE product so that your lips always look good
  • The GO-TO LIP COLOURS that look fab on everyone
Make up made eady module 6
Module 6. You’re Covered for Every Occasion (6 video tutorials)
  • • Extra LONG LASTING face makeup for those very special occasions (with contouring and highlighting)
  • A super easy SMOKY EYE perfect for date night or clubbing (without looking like you have panda eyes)
  • LIGHT AND NATURAL makeup for mall trawls with your friends or a weekend braai (which only takes 10 minutes)
  • A super sleek WINGED EYELINER or CAT EYE to impress your friends on a GNO (and one tip to get it perfect every time)
  • GLAM IT UP for those big nights out or special events (with dramatic eyes that are so easy to do)
  • Add POPS OF COLOUR to your face to look more sophisticated at work or play (without going OTT)
Make up made eady module bonus
Bonus If You Sign Up Now! More Looks (3 video tutorials)
  • 12 quick & easy steps on how to apply FALSE LASHES (so they don’t fall off or stick in your eye)
  • Add radiance for a subtle, all-over beautiful HEALTHY GLOW on face, eyes and lips (that doesn't look like an oil slick)
  • The perfect easy-to-wear GLITTER PARTY MAKEUP (so you will light up any room)
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30 Day Money Back

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is ideal for many different types of women. You could be a total beginner. Or you may have tried makeup before but have almost given up as you just can’t get it quite right. Or you’ve been wearing makeup for a while but want to look more professional or try out new looks, shades and techniques.

It is structured on the training courses that makeup artists do – starting with all the basics you need to know and moving onto the more advanced techniques.

Absolutely. Each video takes you through an easy step by step process showing you exactly how to apply all the products. The looks get more complex as you move through the tutorials but once you’ve learnt the basics, they are still very easy to apply.

You just ask for help! That’s the beauty of this course – you have your own personal advisor who you can contact directly online, or you can hop onto the private Facebook group where professional help is always available.

There’s approximately 5 hours of video to watch but each one is broken down into easily manageable bite sized chunks. While it’s always tempting to binge watch 😉, it’s best you aim to complete 5 to 6 videos each week (to take time try out the techniques and looks while you watch!). To make it easier for you, you’ll get reminder mails every week with suggestions for that week so that you can finish it in 6 weeks.

You will probably find you have a number of the products and brushes already. And if not, you will probably SAVE money on this course, as you won’t land up buying any products not right for you. You will learn how to shop smarter.

One-on-one training has its advantages but also downsides. Once you are complete, you are on your own and can’t go back to check anything. Don’t forget you have lifetime access to these videos so can dip back into them at any time. And with that lifetime access comes personal help whenever you need it. Plus, you will get tons of extra pro tips, downloads and access to more info if you need it. (You probably also know that one-on-one training is about 3 to 4 times more expensive!)

Absolutely. While the makeup artist who demos the looks uses the shades best for her skin tone, all the way through you will get recommendations on what shades and products best suit your skin tone (and type).

Have you ever worked out what you have spent on makeup and/or clothes in the last year? It’s probably way more than the cost of this course. And some of it will have possibly been not quite right for you (and so a waste of money) or out of fashion within a year.

Investing in the way you look every day and for the rest of your life is smart. You’ll be amazed at how much the right makeup can transform your look and life.

30 Day Money Back
A 30-day 100% money back guarantee

I want you to feel special after you've done this course. If you watch the videos and practice what I teach, you will definitely get results.

In fact, I can absolutely 100% guarantee that it will work for you. I’ve seen personalities and lives change after women have been through a makeover – until you’ve been there you don’t understand how incredibly empowering it is to look more beautiful and feel more confident about yourself.

That’s why I’m offering you an absolutely no risk refund. This means that you get to try the course for 30 days and if you don’t feel special, then we have a 100% money back guarantee within that time. Just drop me a mail and I’ll give you a full refund.

So you have absolutely NOTHING to lose!